About Jadina Lilien (MFA, CPF)

What does living come down to but bringing about those changes in ourselves … which can free us to enjoy a richness and closeness with everyone?  

— Rainer Maria Rilke
Artist  Healing Arts Facilitator

Healing Arts Facilitator

Jadina Lilien has led workshops in Systemic Constellations nationally and internationally. Some words participants used to describe their feelings after the workshop were inspired, content, alive with a wonder and creativity that was familiar but had been forgotten. When doing the Constellations Jadina is able to be present with participants in a way that helps them take steps forward, untangling knots, and being free to access their own relationship to Source, living a deeper beauty behind the story they are presently constellating. 

Jadina has a unique ability to tap into the natural healing potential that is within all of us and yet bigger than us. The combination of this innate ability and her years of meticulous training to hone her skills make her offering to others very powerful.

Jadina’s creative training began at the Museum School in Boston and the Rhode Island School of Design studying art, theater, and photography afterwards participating in ceremonies with the Polish Theater Director, Jerzy Grotowski. This lead to a Master of Fine Arts from New York University in communicating stories through filmmaking and directing. She has extensive experience coaching from her studies at the International Focusing Institute, the felt sense process originated by Gene Genlin, and has included the professional training of Family/ Systemic Constellations from the Bert Hellinger Institute.



 Work with teacher Llewellyn Vaughn-Lee includes teachings on meditation,dreams, and shadow and symbolic work, as well as the active imagination process initiated by Carl Jung.

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Exhibitions of Jadina's films and art have been seen in Europe and the United States. Recently, the screenplay Ghosthorse was awarded a New York Foundation for the Arts fellowship. NYFA is also the fiscal sponsor for an exhibition of Jadina's art and companion book project, Butterfly Against the Wind. Her artwork can be seen at JadinaLilien.com


 Jadina's training in Family Constellation work was with the Bert Hellinger Institute, (USA). Trainings with Suzi Tucker, Judith Hemming, Bertold Husemer, Jacob and Sieglinde Schneider, including workshops with Ed Lynch, Bill Mannle, Fung Cheng, as well as European teachers Guni Baxa, Christine Blumenstein - Essen, Diana Drexler, and Constanze Potschka.

Jadina has also studied with Sandra Ingerman, Carolyn Casey, Caroline Myss, and Suzanne Connolly. Jadina is available in-person in New York City and Connecticut, otherwise for one-on-one sessions by phone and Skype and will travel where  invited for Group work.