A Gift For Your Altar

Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in every heart. (Rumi translation)

This we can trust, find and feel. Sometimes this knowledge is just a whisper. Sometimes to know we need outside guidance. Usually not much, just a hint. Using the services of Creative Constellations one session can last a longtime. If we know our work or what’s in the way, adding that focus to an altar can shine a light on the process.

Recently I chose a card from one of the 54 cards from the Gathering Story deck. [http://www.creativeconstellations.net/cards/] The question was what’s important to me now and forever ? What came was CREATIVITY. I framed the print and placed it where I can see the image and the word to remind me. Like a prayer.

If your interested in a small piece of artwork from the cards, contact me with a question or a focus. Here is a link to the steps. [http://www.creativeconstellations.net/card-readings/

CreativityFront copy 2.jpg