Gathering Story Card Readings

Gathering Story Cards are oracle cards based on the Systemic Constellations philosophy. The images on the cards are from the studio of artist Jadina Lilien ( and the words are key words that will connect your deepest thoughts and feelings that describe the many parts of the constellation work. 

Readings are 60 minutes long and are based around a question, decision or problem of your choosing. Included is the image of the cards from your reading. Cost of a reading is $60.

Sample Reading

  1. Beginning
    CHILD: The sacred, magical child. Could also be childhood.

  2. Middle
    GRIEVE: To grieve the forgetting what is sacred, pure and magical. “Down they forgot, as up they grew.” At
    the same time letting go of the childhood imagined through young eyes.
  3. End
    ANCIENTS: After the grief of what has been lost and what needs to be let go, there is more possibility to be in connection with the ones that came before, the ones that did remember. Now the path is clearer and the guidance can be heard.
  4. Next Step
    LIGHT: "The way to work with light in service to the whole begins with the simple recognition that our light is part of the light of the world, part of the spiritual light of life." Llewellyn Vaughn Lee