Creative Constellations Workshops

During a workshop, an individual client, group or business comes to Jadina with a problem or trauma within a given system (family, ancestral, work, societal system) that she or he would like to heal. In this group session, Jadina chooses volunteers to represent family or group members, and then instructs them to position themselves as they feel moved to do. She then guides them as they interact with the client whose constellation is being represented. In this forum, the family or group's archetypal energy is evoked and transformed as the group members engage with the client in new ways. 

Through this process, the client then becomes more able to access the healing energy within themselves that help them re-order their sense of family or group, as well as their position in it. This brings a greater sense of peace, as well as a better ability to find love and acceptance within themselves. It also allows them to move forward in some way from a previously blocked place. And then connecting to humanity finding their place in the present time. 

Group Constellation work can be organized wherever you are. And we can also set up invitation only groups. Contact Jadina for pricing; sliding scale fees are considered.

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Group Constellation

If the future is based on our past, then the past is our future and in the present we will find ourselves in similar spots as our ancestors. In a Systemic Constellation Workshop, we will show what a specific difficulty looks like now, and the entanglements with family and ancestors that are causing lack of vitality and movement. It will reveal how the order of the family system including the ancestors, archetypes, symbols and other forces are connected to the patterns that constellate around us.


Sacred Constellation for Kids

This is a simple method for children to see what they are carrying in their heart. This gentle way of expressing relieves the child of the burden of holding what they feel and know inside. A quick efficient method to give a young child or young adult the possibility of living their own life’s purpose rather than that of their families or ancestors, which can cause great confusion for a child.

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Constellations for Organizations

A Group Constellation session is also good for companies, businesses, or projects that want to connect with something real and powerful so the organization can move, and come to life organically. Great for problem-solving or group innovation.