Individual Healing Sessions

It is unreasonable to assume we will re-enter a collective state of healing that is based on a common, seamless view. Instead, wholeness and healing manifest when we honor our collective wounding and allow our brokenness and resulting stories and diversities to be seen and held. It is our cracks, our brokenness, our edges that reorder our vision of the world, so that we may see more clearly, from a perspective that is much larger than a myopic view.
— Jeanine M. Canty

Jadina's individual sessions take place in a space that is both sacred and timeless, the place where transformation happens. This work is for people who have done some psychological and spiritual work, who still find themselves facing the same difficulties whether in their personal or business lives, and in their creative work and want some guidance.

The Constellation process is also excellent for artists, writers, musicians or other creative people who want to give attention to the creative process. It can include understanding, developing or resolving challenges with projects including the dynamics of decision-making. The principles are also valuable with challenges that arise with the systemic group dynamic of a business or group collaboration. Contact me for private groups.

Constellation work can also be used to see how our involvement with specific social issues are connected to our family and ancestral system, giving power to our passion for change by linking the personal with the collective. In this work, we can connect with the root of the root of our original design and live our purpose for being here.

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Individual Sessions

Focusing and Constellation

Duration: 60 minutes
Cost: $130

Individual private coaching using dialogue with parts, felt-sense focusing, child within, dreams, and being with silence. This is a one on one conversation making conscious what exists in the moment, understanding the language of the inner landscape, creating a connection to the outer world taking the step to say, “I choose life.”

This can be a one-time meeting when needed or an ongoing one in person or long distance through video. 

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Family  Ancestral Constellation Session

Duration: 90 minutes
Cost: $175

A way to see what you are presently constellating including ancestors, family and other influences, using figurines and symbols as part of the Systemic Constellation method. It’s a wonder what we think is going on and what really is. This is a way to access the deeper beauty. The larger story we are part of.

This can also be ongoing, or just when needed.

After one session the understanding of your difficulties will change. What is natural and true will come to the surface and more possibilities will be experienced.

Individual Sessions may be needed to support the change. Which would be the 60 minute sessions described. Or more questions and concerns can be addressed with this Gathering Story option.


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A custom created piece of artwork.

Session 1: We first meet in a Gathering Story Session to find your relationship to your ancestors, family and other important connections in your life.
Duration: 90 minutes

Session 2: Through a creative imagination journey, I create a piece of artwork reflecting the gifts you were given, reminding you of a world that is magical and filled with beauty that you knew as a child.

This will be sent to you as a digital image. A print can be purchased separately. Which will include a comprehensive written description of what appeared during the journey and the meaning. 
Duration: 90 minutes

Session 3: We meet again to discuss the art and its symbolic meaning. How this work can be a continual inspiration for remembering your purpose, connected to humanities story. 
Duration: 60 minutes

Cost: Depends on what you want. Contact Me