What clients are saying about Jadina


"I was a bit apprehensive going into my first Constellations session on Skype, which I’d never used before. But Jadina quickly established a sacred space and put me at ease with her gentle warmth. She surprised me by seeming to know things about my family that I hadn’t told her, and soon had made a constellation that showed me new things about my family and our relationships. The paintings she sent afterwards seemed to vibrate with wordless meaning and the words to resonate with my experience. I will be thinking about the wisdom she gave me for some time. I am so grateful to have had this experience."

Jadina has the best intuition, and gentle divining of ones participation when it comes to moving through the constellations with meaningful results.
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"I can see subtle changes in my daughter after the workshop. She seems more resilient and able to trust and enjoy when things are going well instead of waiting for something bad to happen. She wants to do more constellation work. For myself, I found that I really enjoyed being in that deep heart space where people were able to help each other by their presence to find a deeper, more peaceful and abiding harmony in their family relationships. I was especially moved by the visual representation of generations of ancestor support. At one point, there were three generations of male ancestors (father, grandfather, great grandfather) literally standing behind the their male descendant. It was very powerful and still gives me chills to recall the feeling of it."

Through my work with Jadina, events and relationships long left behind were revealed in a new light. My inner self was unmasked and I was free of a burden I didn’t know I carried. Clarity, lightness, freedom; all good things to unleash.

"Jadina is friendly and fun to work with. She takes the time to ready the space, creating an environment for delving beneath what is obviously conscious, and readily shares her intuitive insights which are drawn from an eclectic background in art, spirituality, body as a language of intelligence and indigenous thinking processes.”

Jadina has a very unique ability to tap into the natural healing potential that is within all of us and yet bigger than us. The combination of this innate ability and her years of meticulous training to hone her skills make her offering to others very powerful.