Questions & Answers about Creative Constellations

What is CREATIVE Constellations?

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Also known as Family, Constellations, Ancestral, Systemic and other titles. This is a healing art that uses the energetic fields of a family, ancestral lineage, and other forces to heal wounds and trauma that affect multiple generations.

A client comes to me with a problem or trauma that she or he would like to heal. In individual sessions, I use figurines and other props to represent family, ancestral members and other influences. In a group session, volunteers represent who and what is needed positioning themselves as they feel moved to do. I then guide them as they interact with each other and the possibly the client whose constellation is being represented. In this forum, the family or group's archetypal energy is evoked and transformed as the group members engage with the client’s story in new ways opening up more possibilities.

Through this process, the client then becomes more able to access the healing energy within themselves that help them re-order their sense of family or group, as well as their position in it. They find their place in the world connected to their ancestors and the homeland they originated from. This brings a greater sense of peace, as well as a better ability to find love and acceptance in the inner world and therefore the outer world, as these places work together. This allows people to move out of a previously blocked place.

Who will benefit from this work?


Constellation healing work is for individual personal work or to deepen and free up creativity. This method is also for groups, organizations and projects that might need changes in order to begin, or a small adjustment to find a way through a chaotic middle and finishing.  Also, constellations is excellent for developing the projects where the enthusiasm is lost, reviving the purpose and vision. Some workshops or individual sessions are focused on self work, others on creativity. This work can be designed for any age group. I also offer the group constellations in a private format for those that might not want to participate in a public process.

How does this work help me?

Our lives are a matrix of stories, at times in a knot. Recognizing the knot as sacred, the stories untangle revealing a pattern, a personal myth, as a way of relating to life's mysteries. We see our unique part in humanities story.

We can learn to be content with what is, not to be ensnared in the knot of our past, to live more freely, to see a vision of a beautiful world, and learn how to look at what's in the way of that vision. 

To be able to take the next step and say very clearly, “I choose life”.

How are Creative People helped by this work?


I help people with all stages of the creative process.  For people just beginning to express themselves creatively, this work can help them access what they know is there, in their heart. Some people may have begun a particular project and are stuck or wondering how to get their work seen in the world. When artists come  with years of work already established, it could be to access information for something specific wanting to come alive.

These sessions can also include the possibilities of making a living, doing what they are meant to do, what society or family said was not possible. If they are already supported by their work, constellation sessions can help give clarity to thoughts and feelings. We come to know how the body is holding information, including how their family saw them as artists, including the wounds and the support. We see what was happening with their ancestors, and get clear on what the client wants separate from the family/ ancestral system. In this work, an artist's vision becomes clear, as well as what their personal style is.

Why would I need a  Constellations coach?



"We are not helping others, we are the other.” In Lak'ech Ala K'in, this Mayan greeting translates to "I am you, you are me.” We live in a "me-connected-to-we" world. When a skilled facilitator witnesses your process, change happens easily and quickly. The source isn’t somewhere else. It’s in your heart. A coach can help you see this.


Varying from person to person, it could also be an alive, symbolic story that is created which changes the actual reality. “All I know is that the work is coming through me, I’m simply reporting and sharing what is happening, then intervene when guided to.”

There are many opinions from science – epigenetics, existential phenomenology, and others – on why this works, that we can represent other people’s family and feel what they feel. At a recent constellation, a woman was representing part of the subject’s family. She said she had the worst pain in her jaw. She didn't know this, but the subject was on the verge of a root canal; eventually her tooth was extracted. At the time of the constellation, she was in pain. And the tooth problem, she said, was connected to her family history. And now the root of the root is gone. Even though I do this work for a living, why it works is still part of the mystery.

Is this work done on the quantum level, and are our ancestors actually healed through the work?