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More Info:

  • Card Size: 3.25" x 3.25"

  • 54 Cards

  • Material: 330gsm

  • Double-sided full-color matte

  • Custom Designed Box

Gathering Story are 54 custom-printed cards based on the Systemic Constellations philosophy, available for sale on MPC The images on the cards are from the studio of artist Jadina Lilien and the words are key words that will connect your deepest thoughts and feelings that describe the many parts of the constellation work. They can be used as an exploration of your life or a way to learn about the method. Facilitators of the Constellation method or other practitioners and healers will find their own unique ways to use them.


A booklet is available separately with descriptions of the words based on the constellation philosophy by Jadina Lilien

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Jadina also offers card readings on a decision, question, or problem.
Included is the image of the cards from your reading.